Our vision.

The communication & marketing agency helping start ups or young businesses to emerge.





For young, mature firms, as well as sole traders, willing to cast a new light on their communication, more in line with their field of expertise, in order to better meet market needs.





Big Ice aspires to serve as a reference in marketing, communication, brand image, visual identity & medias who answer to entrepreneurial launch needs. Every project hasn't the chance to be evaluated or supported at its fair value by lack of information, of time, of budget, of both human and financial resources. Every project, even with a follow-up, can't stand on a market in a lasting way due to inconsistency and management problems. In other words, Big Ice compiles the know-how, best qualities and required skills to offer global solutions for new entrepreneurs at lower costs.





Create, launch, develop an activity (entreprise, service, product)

Assess development opportunities (marketing, communication, media)

Think or rethink strategic position on a competitive market

Find new customers or potential partners

Define an acquisition and loyalty strategy 

Distinguish yourself from the competitors by a suitable communication

Create or improve your brand image, visual and digital communication

Work on new communication fields



Business development



Brand Image

Media development

HR, recruitment

Added value

Writing of "entrepreneurial guide" or how to create 

and launch an activity

step by step




Visual identity

Style guide

Web design


Editorial line & calendar


Community management


Project creation

Project monitoring



Press relations

HR optimization


Big Ice, the micro communication agency has been established in 2017 to support and promote young businesses creation and launch.


Big Ice would like to prove that a small, medium or large company

should know how to choose the best communication, according to its status, its position on the market in line with an effective marketing strategy.

The idea is to focus the support around the consistency notion,

targeted by a working methodology and an efficient management.

which are the main pillars of a reward success.

The coherence and effectiveness of a project create more visibility, more consistency, more clients.


Big Ice proposes an approach around the construction of solid foundations from the project idea to the its communication development. For a specific need or a support package, Big Ice offers targeted services to meet your expectations,

consequently turning the hidden part into a strong, elaborate and stable structure.

Big Ice helps your business to spring up in an effective and lasting way.



For all projects, regardless of size.

For all needs of creation, support, courses.

For all budget : from the targeted need to an all-around package.

For all new entrepreneurs awaiting for key advices.