Learning solutions through courses, coaching and workshops. 


Big Ice proposes courses and workshops about various themes to give the opportunity to build up an entrepreneurial project with a working methodology that helps you step by step and according to your needs.



Projects monitoring

for Startlab incubator concerning brand identity, visual communication, communication strategy, strategic and media developments.



Participation for the training course program creation of the Smart co-op 

Trainer for the activity creation and launch : the critical steps, the business model, the business plan, marketing plan, contractors roles.



Coach for YouthStart training intended to NEETs profiles.

8 days training and support for young people willing to create their own business by working on self-esteem, personal development and project creation based on deep motivations evaluation.



Communication and multimedia unit for computer graphics

and multimedia products designer courses.

Introduction to marketing, communication techniques, creative strategies, art history, semiology, journalistic techniques, media & digital developments.



Teacher for the Distance learning center. Group training courses on the business plan.

E-teacher for the guide of entrepreneurship creation and launch : critical steps and methodology.




Guide of activity creation and launch : 

Methodology and critical steps 


This very complete training is from the essay of

the entrepreneurial guide written in 2019. 

Have a look at the syllabus content : here !

Format :

Trimester courses with practical exercises and cases report 

2 days training including a half-day workshop. 


The management serves constancy

and consistency :

What is management?

How can it be deployed all project long ?

The value of consistency in the creation process

The management follow-up during the activity launch

The tools to keep in mind your objectives

Format :

Half-day training course + half-day workshop

2 days courses.


Communication strategy and plan :

How to build a strong brand image up ?

The communication strategy and positioning

Define the communication objectives

Plan your communication and communication means

Understand creative strategies

Define remaining messages

Create a visual identity and corporate branding

Format :

Training courses, practical exercises and cases report

Two days training courses including an half-day workshop

3 days workshop with follow-up and support.


Short training courses or workshop :

- Communication strategy

- Communication pla

- Creative strateg

- Visual identity and personal branding

- Copywriting (messages and contents creation)

- Graphic design basis on : Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign / How to work on a visual identity with the right tools ?